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Welcome to AIJB 2022! We want to extend our congratulations directly to you for your hard work and dedication to music. Being selected for the band is a highly competitive process, and you are truly amongst the finest middle school band musicians in the State!

NOW is when the real work begins, and we trust you will approach the preparation of music for the concert in the same diligent way prepared your audition. It is critical that you arrive at the Festival in January fully prepared to perform you part, and that you understand the piece through dedicated listening.

Here are reference recordings of the five works the AIJB will rehearse and perform with Mr. Barry Houser on January 14th and 15th:

Please note and observe the following with regards to music:

  1. All music is the property of AIJB and must be returned at the conclusion of the AIJB 2022 Festival concert.
  2. Please mark your parts in pencil ONLY.