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Students interested in auditioning for the AIJB must complete and submit the following by 11:59 PM on November 3, 2023:

  1. An online application completed by school director
  2. Audition recording of required material
  3. A $12.00 application fee

Incomplete applications/auditions will not be considered.  Students who are unable to commit to the entire duration of the AIJB Festival should not audition.  Auditions will be blindly evaluated by independent adjudicators with each application carefully considered.  Students will be selected into AIJB, and have chairs assigned, strictly through the audition score.

Audition Procedure

  1. Director registers for a free director account
  2. Beginning August 31, 2023, directors may register their student applications and upload audition recordings.  Only recordings submitted through the online portal will be accepted.
  3. An audition fee of $12.00 per application is required to process the application recording.  (Checks payable to All-Illinois Junior Band.  Invoice may be printed following student registration.)
  4. Recordings will be blindly evaluated by an independent adjudicators.  Students will be selected into AIJB strictly through the audition score.
  5. The audition deadline is 11:59 PM on November 3, 2023.  Late applications will not be accepted.

Audition Results and Participation Fee

Audition results will be distributed to directors via email and festival music delivered via regular mail.  If selected, there is a $60.00 participation fee per student which covers costs associated with the AIJB Festival, including all instruction, a t-shirt, Friday night reception, and lunch on Saturday.

Following the announcement of the audition results.  Directors may login to their director account.  to confirm their selected students and download an invoice for participation fees.

AIJB Instrumentation

The AIJB will have a set instrumentation of 82 students:

8 flute
2 oboe
2 bassoon
15 clarinet
3 bass clarinet
4 alto saxophone
2 tenor saxophone
2 baritone saxophone
12 trumpet
8 french horn
8 trombone
4 euphonium
4 tuba
6-8 percussion (pending repertoire needs)

Listed instrumentation numbers are maximums.  If the quality of submitted auditions do not support the maximum acceptances a smaller section will be selected.  Piccolo (pending repertoire needs) will be determined via a short recorded audition from the selected flute students.  Interested students will submit recorded excerpts from the festival repertoire.

Additionally, one to three alternates, per instrument, will be selected.  Alternates will only be required to attend the festival and pay the participation fee if select students decline their chair or fail to meet other requirements.  Alternates may not necessarily be used in the case of last minute illness.